Hands on Metabones SpeedBooster for BMPCC

By April 7, 2014Reviews

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Months ago Metabones released this amazing piece for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, which has been a useful tool for any kind of project for many users. As this is my first post on my website (but not last) and I will try to explain with not many words the main specs, some pros and cons and finally some personal opinions and experiences. Here it goes!


  • 1  2/stop increase in light. – better performance in low light
  • Maximum aperture of F0.74 with an F1.2
  • Superb glass quality and steal.
  • Super 35 look! – Shallower depth of field and wider field of view – 3x crop goes to just 1.75x
  • Protects sensor from dust from now on – If you keep it plugged in
  • Corrects some optical defects such as chromatic aberrations in some lens
  • Image gets sharper
  • Clickless aperture ring.
  • Tripod mount – more solid than the original from the bmpcc.
  • Infinity focus tuning built in.
  • Adds some extra flares which they’re cool in some lenses! 

  • Ghosting flare pattern in some cases is visible
  • Soft corners and edges noticeable in some lenses
  • Some lenses are not yet fully supported
  • There’s no electronics
  • Only Nikon F and Leica mount for now 
 Now, in my opinion this is going to be definitely a must have on your BMPCC. This little device improves so much the quality of the image expanding new possibilities and making those “cons” that the bmpcc had to a new “pros”. I’ve been playing with this for a while now and trying it in many locations with a variety of different Nikon lenses and the results look stunning, It really seems like you have a new sensor. – 3x crop was too much at some times and this was getting things harder if you needed a wide field of view.

It may look expensive at once, but think about it, if you have good quality full frame or APSC lenses and you can’t get the maximum of those with this adapter. On the other side if you are willing about buying a good micro 4/3 lens for your pocket cam, it may cost the same or more than the speedbooster, so for the quality and new opportunities this adapter brings you, it absolutely worths it.  

Wider, faster, better, sharper

* Metabones Speedbooster for BMPCC is now available with a price of USD489.00 and you can get it here.

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